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Reflection and Projection

As we go through life, we make decisions and sacrifices. With each sacrifice, we hope that the benefits will out weigh the costs. When they don’t, we may tell ourselves that we made the decision because it was the “best there was to offer” or it was the “best decision at the time,” because to face the idea that we made the wrong choice could potentially eat us alive. This is a survival technique, neither good nor bad; it simply is.

The trouble arises when we are asked to make the same type of decision again. When we never made a judgment on past decisions, because we were too busy trying to forget we made them, we find (before we realize it) that the time has come to make the same decision again. It is at this point that one of two things happen. One, we make a rash decision and are left to deal with the consequences, whether good or bad. Two, we procrastinate a decision to such a point that a decision is made for us, or rather thrust upon us.

However, between the two points of decision making, there is time when we are able to reflect and project; to reflect on the past, and to project how we would deal with the same type of situation in the future. It is herein that my questions lie: Where does reflection end and obsession begin? Where does projection prepare and fear hinder? Where do answers lie, and lies begin to cloud our answer?

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